Ohio Valley Pure Water Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review
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"We had a reverse osmosis water filtration system and a water softener installed into a house that we purchased for my mother to live in. Mike, the man who installed everything, was there on time and was very friendly and knowledgeable. He thoroughly answered my questions about how things work and the maintenance involved. I would definitely recommend Ohio Valley Pure Water Systems, Inc to my friends and family. Oh, did I mention that the water tastes great? It definitely does."
- Lance Kollstedt
Maineville, OH 45039

"Mike promised a three hour installation of the complete water softening and conditioning system and he personally delivered and installed it himself.  He was both courteous and knowledgeable. We are pleased with the system so far and anticipate no problems with this company's strong commitment to service.  My wife and I enjoyed not being scared into water conditioning with the fear tactics that some companies use to tell you how horrible your water is for your health and plumbing. We know that the chlorine and mineral levels are high and have had other companies in the past. How refreshing to have a professional talk to you as an equal!  We would highly recommend (and have) to anyone on your list. Thank you for a great consumer service in finding reputable people and competent home services."
- Timothy Nolan
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

"I took advantage of an Angie’s List Deal because we have been interested in the possibility of a reverse osmosis system for some time. I called to ask a few questions prior to “grabbing” the deal, and Mike answered my questions thoroughly. Soon after purchasing the coupon, he called to schedule the appointment and was very courteous about my scheduling constraints and working within them. On the appointed day, he called to let me know that he was 20 minutes away, and arrived right on time. The system was installed quickly, with his 14 year old son along as “helper”, and when we ran into a slight glitch with installation of the R/O system to our icemaker, he agreed to come back with no service charge (we needed a hole drilled through our floor tile and he didn’t have the proper drill bit to do the job). He has already been back with no charge to us. We purchased the service plan, which only makes sense, and he assured us that we would receive a postcard in the mail reminding us of the time to schedule."
- Jayne Bonzella
Loveland, OH 45140

"Mike & Ethan did a nice job of replacing our Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration system. They were knowledgeable, professional and got the job done to specification. They had some tips on how to better care for our Water Softener. We signed up for yearly maintenance & filter change with them."
- James Conard
Maineville, OH 45039

"Filter change went very well. No issues. We made the decision to go with this company last year and the annual follow up was executed just as described when we installed last year, which was a good experience as well. As far as price goes, I checked pricing carefully last year before choosing this company. This company, based on my experience can be trusted to do what they say, when they say and at the price quoted."
- Larry Fitzgerald
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245

"Before purchasing the Reverse Osmosis System, I would drink water but always boiled it first so not to taste the chlorine. Then I started buying bottle water for my family—did that price add up quickly!  My brother-in-law referred me to your company because he also has one of your Reverse Osmosis Systems and he would always be bragging about his pure water. We where shocked to learn that our bottled water had the same amount of pollutants that were in our tap water. Since we purchased our Reverse Osmosis System we have had peace of mind knowing that we are drinking clean pure water. We have saved lots of money and time, not having to buy bottled water and lots of cleaning products."
- Mr. & Mrs. Greene
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

"Thank you for introducing us to your DELICIOUS Reverse Osmosis water. Fifteen years ago our doctor insisted that we "drink pure water to clean our bodies; anything less" she insisted, "would pollute our health." Since the day we had our Reverse Osmosis System installed into our home, we noticed the difference. It tastes sweet… so clean and pure. We prefer it to any other water."
- Mr. & Mrs. Aberg
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Ohio Valley Pure Water Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review
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