How Long Does a Water Softener Last?

The length of time a water softener lasts depends on a number of factors. You can expect to have your water softener system last for at least ten years, but with good maintenance, you can nearly double the life of your system. Take good care of your water softener, and you'll be able to use the system for years with very little expense.

Keep Your Water Softener Clean

While you can get five or ten years out of your water softener without cleaning it, you are going to get more life out of your water softener with annual cleaning. You'll have to empty your water softener tank in order to clean it. Make sure that you shut off the intake valve so that the water coming into the tank doesn't start pouring out into the room. 

Use a siphon to pull out the water in the tank, then throw away any salt that is inside by disposing of it properly. Use a mixture of water and bleach to clean the tank, rinse it thoroughly several times to make sure there is no soap or bleach left in the tank.

Once you have rinsed out your water softener tank several times, fill up your tank with fresh water. Put in the required amount of salt, and your water softener will be ready to work once again.

Clean the Area Around Your Tank

In addition to cleaning the inside of your tank, make sure the area around your tank is clean. Don't store any items close to the tank, and remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated in the area. When you want to get more years out of your water softener, keep it clean and ask for help cleaning it if you aren't sure how to do it.

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