The Best Methods to Protect Your Softener This Winter

Make sure to protect your water softener this winter with insulation, faucet dripping, and more!Winter has not been easy this year, and we have a long haul left! Extreme weather conditions bring out the worse in just about everything. From how your body works to how your home works, stead temperatures above 40 degrees and below 80 degrees keep things running smoothly. Your home’s plumbing and water softener especially are at serious risk during the cold season. Freezing and bursting pipes are issues no one wants to deal with, especially if you were out of town when the damage occurred.

Taking proactive safety steps can help protect your water softener this winter. No matter if you stay home or go for a trip, taking the following steps to keep your home in working order. 

Have the Faucet Drip at Night

Anything below 32 degrees could freeze. Outside temperatures drop far below that point during the winters in Ohio. Standing water in your pipes may freeze if left sitting still. When water freezes, it will expand, adding extra pressure to your plumbing. Beware of the bursting pipes!

Flowing water is tougher to freeze. At night, set your tap to a slow drip, just enough to keep some water flowing. You could catch the water in a pot or bucket to be used the next day, so you don’t end up wasting the water. 

Add Extra Insulation to Stay Warm

Insulation in your attic keeps your home at more stable temperatures. Good attic insulation will keep the warmth in during winter and the heat out during summer. Properly installed insulation will save you money on utilities and stop your need for extra maintenance on your heating and cooling systems. 

Locate your water softener. Make sure the area around it is well-insulated to ensure you will maintain your water softener’s ability to function. Don’t make your water softener work too hard by keeping it in frigid conditions. If full insulation is too big of a step this year, try getting a pipe sleeve to help in the meantime.

Water Softener Winter Tips 

Wintertime is a good time to be inside, staying warm. While away from home, make sure to unplug your water softener. When you’re home, make sure to check on your water heater, water softener, and general plumbing from time to time. If a problem comes up, call a professional plumber right away. If you have trouble with your water softener, call Ohio Valley Pure Water to solve the issue.

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