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Ohio Valley Pure Water provides wholesale pricing for high quality whole house water filters in Middletown and surrounding cities. For over 30 years, Ohio Valley Pure Water has been recognized throughout Ohio and Kentucky for our excellent products and service. As a family owned business with non-commission sales reps, our prices are up to 75% less than our competitors' prices.

A water filtration system is useful when you are getting your water from a well, lake, stream, or municipal system. There are usually contaminants in the water that affects the taste and quality of the water. If you are thinking of getting a water filtration for your home or business, give Ohio Valley Pure Water a call and we'll help you pick out the right system that will keep your water healthy and clean - at a price that works for you.

Ohio Valley Pure Water Awarded "Super Service Award" by Angie's List for Six Straight Years!

Ohio Valley Pure Water Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review
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Whole House Water Filters and Home Water Purification Installation in Middletown, OH

Having the cleanest water possible from every tap in your home is the goal of Ohio Valley Pure Water. Our whole house water filters remove sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, cysts, iron, hydrogen sulfide, some heavy metals, and a range of other contaminants that cause odor and contamination.

When it comes to clean healthy water, Ohio Valley Pure Water delivers the best in the industry. A whole house water filtration system is installed at the home's main water line, so every faucet, shower, tub, and toilet has fresh filtered water. Our water filtration systems are carbon based and remove chlorine, chemicals, and organic compounds. Let us help you determine the right filtration system for your home!

Whole House Dechlorination Filter
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  • $274.00* 2.5 x 20 Pre-filter

  • $299.00* 2.5 x 20 dechlorination filter *top selling

  • $399.00* twin 2.5 x 20 Pre-filter & dechlorination filter

  • $354.00* 4.5 x 20 Pre-filter

  • $379.00* 4.5 x 20 dechlorination filter

  • $533.00* twin 4.5 x 20 Pre-filter & dechlorination filter

*Standard Installation Included


$250.00 Whole house pressure regulator (A must have for water pressure greater than 80psi)

What is a whole house filter?

A whole house filter connects to the main water line entering the home -- every faucet, toilet, shower, bath, kitchen, laundry -- dispense filtered water. There are a variety of whole house filters and each one will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Our manufacturer carries many different types of whole house filters. These filters can remove sediment, dirt, rust particles, chlorine, cysts, VOC's, iron, hydrogen sulfide (Rotten egg), certain heavy metals and a wide range of contaminants responsible for bad taste and odors in residential water supplies.

Are whole house filters and water softeners the same?

NO -- water softeners remove hardness minerals and uses salt whereas whole house water filters remove a broader range of contaminants.

Do customers ever own a water softener and a whole house filter?

Yes -- a lot of our customers do own both. Some water softeners have carbon built in to them and they are referred as water conditioners. The problem with this is that the carbon only last for a period of time and then needs to be replaced which can become costly. This is usually done by a plumber. By separating the carbon from the softener as we do, it becomes more cost effective to maintain even to the point where the customer can change their own filters.

How do I know what size whole house water filter that I need?

That will depend on what you are trying to remove from the water, the amount of contaminants in the water and how many gallons of water you use in a year. One of our most popular whole house filters is our 2.5 x 20 carbon block because of its low cost to maintain. The average filter life for a family of four is one year.

Customer Reviews:

"We have been with Ohio Valley Pure Water for 8 years. We were referred to them through my dad. We have been very happy with them. They always send reminders for yearly service. We would highly recommend them." Tammy Re
"This is a wonderful company. We have used them for a number of years at different addresses and they have always been available for any concerns we have had. We like the osmosis system they offer and we have recommended this system to a number of our family and friends. We had a concern and within a couple of hours the owner came to see what was wrong and was able to get it fixed in a short time. Very friendly and polite customer service." Christina Varnum
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