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RO Systems

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6-Stage Under-Sink Alkaline Reverse

Osmosis Drinking Water System


$1,099.00 MSRP 59% off factory pricing
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  • Standard Under Sink Installation
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  • $125.00 standard basement installation
  • $125.00 standard ice-maker installation
  • $35.00 reverse osmosis pressure regulator (a must have for water pressure above 80 psi)
  • $112.00 chrome designer reverse osmosis faucet
  • $137.00 brush nickel, white, black and almond designer reverse osmosis faucet
  • $147.00 oil rub bronze designer reverse osmosis faucet 
Ohio Valley Pure Water Systems, Inc. BBB Business Review

Ohio Valley Pure Water Explanation of Reverse Osmosis System
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Drinking Water Systems
Water Health Benefits - How Much Water Should You Drink To Be Healthy
How Reverse Osmosis Systems Work
Special Benefits
Unlimited Supply High output performance ensures an abundant supply of pure water at all times
Multi-point Use Install anywhere and feed to multiple point-of-use throughout your home
Smart Automatic Smart system shuts off automatically to save water when tank is full
Treats all Water Treats chlorine, high TDS (contaminants), extreme pHs, effective even on low water pressure and temperature
FDA/NSF Approved FDA/NSF approved system components ensure the highest contaminant rejection and best water quality
Maintenance-Free Virtually no maintenance or trouble — just change the pre-filters every 12 months
U.S. Built with High-Performance U.S. Parts
1st Stage NSF 5 mic high capacity polypropylene sediment filter — removes dust, particles, rusts and solids; replace every 12 months
2nd Stage NSF 10 mic Coconut Carbon Block — removes chlorine, odor, organic materials, pesticides and cysts; replace every 12 months
3rd Stage NSF 10 mic Coconut Carbon Block — removes residual chlorine and VOC to prolong membrane's life; replace every 12 months
4th Stage NSF High Rejection TFC Membrane — removes 99% of bacteria, viruses, ions, dissolved solids and metals; replace every 36 months
5th Stage NSF Total Contamination Removal filter — removes any residual odor form pressurized tank; replace every 12 months
6th Stage NSF calcite filter; provides re-mineralization of the water and proper pH balance
Tank NSF Amtrol tank
Faucet NSF TouchFlo long reach faucet
Tubing NSF Food Grade
Membrane Nominal Rejection Guide
Sodium Fluoride 99% Giardia Cysts 100%
Magnesium Cloride 99% Criptosporidium Cysts 100%
Glucose 98% Chlorinated Pesticides 99%
Sodium 95-98% Chloride 99%
Potassium 92-99% Bicarbonate 99%
Calcium 95-99% Nitrate 90-99%
Magnesium 95-99% Fluoride 90-95%
Iron 95-99% Chromium 95-99%
Calcium Chloride 99% E.Coli Bacteria >99%
Arsenic 95-99% Fecal Bacteria >99%
Aluminum 95-99% Sulfite 99%
Ammonium 95-99% Sodium Nitrate 99%
Nickel 95-99% Sodium Chloride 99%
Silver 95-99% Sulfate 95-99%
Mercury 95-99% Copper 95-99%
Radioactivity 95-99% Lead 95-99%
System Capacity: 50 gallons/day Feed Water Temperature: 40F-75F
Tank Capacity: 4 gallons System Weight: 24 lbs.
(TDS)Total Dissolved Solids: 2,000 ppm max. System Dimensions: 17" x 14.5" x 7"
Feed Water Pressure: 40-75 psi Pump Optional for low pressure areas
Feed Water pH: 2.0-11.0  


FAQ's RO Systems

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What is Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)? 
We can best answer this question by first explaining briefly natural "Osmosis". This is nature's process by which moisture and nutrients are taken up through the root systems of plant life to its very outermost leaves. Moisture drawn from the soil passes through cell walls cell by cell in this process. It is scientifically described as the passing of a less dense liquid through a semi permeable membrane into a denser fluid until there is an equal density of fluid on either side of the membrane. The process is repeated cell by cell until nourishing fluid reaches the very outermost twigs and leaves of a plant. This process also takes place in our own bodies and other animal life.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is so named because man has reversed nature's process. RO forces raw tap water, which is the denser liquid, against a membrane by utilizing the city water pressure. When forced against the highly polished surface of the membrane the water molecules dissolve in the thin membrane layer and diffuse through it molecule by molecule, forming pure water on the product side of the membrane and in the process leaving 95% - 99% of the contaminants behind.

What kind of impurities are in my water?
We will let the Greater Cincinnati Water Works answer this question. In the Safe Drinking Water Report, they state:
As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and, in some cases, radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity [sewage].
Contaminants that may be present in source water include: microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations and wildlife; inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals... pesticides and herbicides... organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are byproducts of industrial processes and petroleum production... and radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally occurring or be the result of oil and gas production and mining activities.

What happens to the impurities that were in the water?
They are washed down the kitchen drain. You see, unlike filters, the RO membrane is self-cleaning. As it flows through the module, the source water is divided into two streams. One stream is forced through the membrane by diffusion because of the water pressure. The second stream serves as a "blow down" and carries away rejected salts, particulate matter and other impurities to the drain. Therefore, there is no accumulation of debris on the pressure side of the membrane as a function of time. The face of the membrane always stays clean.

Does Reverse Osmosis remove minerals that are essential to health?
Yes, all R.O. systems remove about 99% of the good minerals in tap water. Only Ohio Valley Pure Water offers at no additional cost, their 6-stage R.O. with the mineral/alkaline filter. It puts natural calcium, magnesium and trace minerals back into your purified water after the R.O. process.

Does Reverse Osmosis change the pH balance of the water?
Yes, by removing all of the contaminants in the water it naturally lowers the pH in the purified water to below 6.9 or to an acidic state. Only Ohio Valley Pure Water offers at no additional cost their 6-stage R.O. system with the mineral/alkaline filter. It raises the pH in the R.O. water to an alkaline state, in many cases between 8.5 to 9.0 pH.

What is the ratio of wastewater to the pure water produced by your R.O. unit?
Our 50 GPD unit has a ratio of 1:3 depending on your water temperature and water pressure. Therefore, for every 3 gallons of pure water produced, 9 gallons of waste water will go down the drain. If you were to use 3 gallons of purified water a day (with 9 gallons of waste water going down the drain) you may see an increase in your water bill of about 25¢ per month.

Are there R.O. units that waste no water?
No, all R.O. units waste water, some more than others.  Some companies claim to have "no waste water" units available. The reality is that they run the waste water line to your hot water heater. This causes the hot water heater to go out more quickly due to the extra buildup of contaminants.

Does your R.O. unit continue to make water when it's not being used?
No!  When the 4-gallon storage tank is full the RO shuts off until used. Whatever amount of water you take from the tank, the RO replaces the water that you just took and then shuts off again.

How much pure water will your R.O. unit make?
The 50 GPD Reverse Osmosis system will produce a maximum of 50 gallons of purified water in a 24-hour period.  Although most families will never use this much water, such a fast recovery rate is convenient. Since the tank holds 3.2 gallons of purified water, you could use it all at once and it would only take 1.5 hours to completely refill. Systems with a lower GPD rating will take longer to refill and will send more waste water down the drain, compared to a RO system with a higher GPD rating.

Is it important to purchase an R.O. unit with an electronic monitoring faucet?
No. An electronic monitoring faucet has a green light that indicates when the water is supposed to be pure and a red light that indicates when the filters are bad. The monitoring device is very deceiving because it is only monitoring the chlorine in the water. For example, if the R.O. unit were not removing the bacteria and viruses but was removing the chlorine, the light would stay green. Therefore, from our experience, these electronic monitoring faucets are not reliable.  As long as you have your R.O. unit serviced at least once per year, monitoring is not necessary.
What is the difference between faucet-mount or pitcher filters and the R.O. unit?
Faucet-mount filters, pitcher filters and refrigerator ice/water filters are able to reduce certain contaminants from your water by the use of granular activated carbon. In most cases they are used to reduce chlorine, lead, odor and taste. Carbon filters eliminate contaminants down to 0.5 microns in size, and R.O. filters down to 0.0001 micron. Therefore, there are tens of thousands of contaminants that are removed by R.O. and not by faucet-mount, pitcher or refrigerator filters.

Where do you install the Reverse Osmosis unit?
The R.O. system can be installed under the kitchen sink or in an unfinished basement. It can also be attached to your ice maker.

If I move, can I take it with me?
YES!  It's 100% portable. It only takes about 10 minutes to disconnect.

What kind of warranty comes with the R.O. unit?
For a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, the manufacturer will repair or replace any part of the Reverse Osmosis unit itself with the exception of the filters and local service charge. Warranty is voided if customer services or changes own filters.  For any other questions, ask for a copy of the warranty.

How long will your R.O. unit last?
On average of 10 to 14 years, depending on three things: 1) That regular and/or yearly maintenance is done correctly. 2) The nature of water is purifying. 3) Water pressure. Between 45 psi and 80 psi are ideal. 45 psi is too low and 80 psi is too high.

Is it necessary to change the filters every 12 months?
Yes, it is essential. The filters that we use in our R.O. unit are good for 12 months when using city/county water. By changing the four pre-filters on a regular basis, you will eliminate dirt and chemicals in the water that clog the membrane. After 12 months of use, the carbon filters can have bacteria growing within the filter media. Regardless of how much or how little water you use, it is highly recommended that you have your filters changed every 12 months.  It is time and not usage that breaks down the filters. Well water and cistern water may necessitate more frequent filter changes.

What is the importance of water pressure to a R.O. unit?
It is the pressure that forces the water through the membrane for purification and flushes the contaminants down the drain. Water pressure below 45 psi is generally considered insufficient, and should include a pressure booster pump. Water pressure above 80 psi is generally considered too high, and should include a pressure reducer valve.

Will a whole house water softener harm the R.O. unit?
No, calcium and magnesium (lime scale) are two of the hardest minerals for the R.O. membrane to remove.  Sodium (added to the water by the softener) is much easier on the membrane and it will reject 99% of all sodium in the water. With a water softener you will always get 12 months out of the pre-filters and 4 years out of the membrane.

Other than drinking & cooking, what other benefits are there to owning the R.O. unit?
  • Peace of mind
  • No more carrying bottled water
  • Tastes great
  • Healthier
  • Medications can do a better job
  • Ice and drinks taste better
  • Ice is clear and not cloudy
  • Useless mix to make coffee and tea
  • Saves on concentrated juices
  • Pets and plants love it
  • Aquariums look better
  • Easier cleaning — windows and mirrors shine, irons last longer, humidifiers last longer
  • And more

What if I decide to do business with your company, then find a comparable R.O. unit for less money?
No problem! We do offer a 30-day lowest price guarantee.  If you can find a comparable RO system that meets or beats the questions listed above, in the Cincinnati area, we will refund in full the difference in price plus 10%. This way you will receive the highest quality at the lowest price GUARANTEED!

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 People spend 3 to 4 thousand dollars for machines just to raise the alkalinity in their drinking water. Our system does it for pennies a gallon
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 Professional Coffee Shops use RO water for the perfect taste!
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 Medications work better when water is free of contaminates!
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 Tap water can actually make infants & toddlers sick because their immune system cannot handle contaminants.
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All of our RO system components are National Sanitation Foundation certified!