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FREE Twin 2.5x20 Whole House Pre-filter & Dechlorination Filter Value* ($699.00)
*When You Purchase a Whole Home Water Softener

**Certain custom installations may be extra. Both systems must be installed at the same time in the same home. No additional discount if not interested in manufacturer special.

32,000 Grain High Efficiency Metered Water Softener

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10% cross-link resin  
You Pay $1,998
50% OFF Factory Pricing (Originally $3,995)
  • Includes a standard installation.
  • Additional 5% discount when paying in cash only. No check or credit card.
Call (513) 231-5531 and mention this deal to schedule an estimate.
48,000 Grain High Efficiency Metered Water Softener

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10% cross-link resin 
You Pay $1,998
60% OFF Factory Pricing (Originally $4,995)
  • Includes a standard installation.
  • Additional 5% discount when paying in cash only. No check or credit card.
Call (513) 231-5531 and mention this deal to schedule an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Softeners

What makes water softeners different from each other?

Six things: size, resin, carbon, valve, warranty, and components.

  • Size: The amount of resin in the filter bed will determine the size (how often it backwashes) which will determine how much salt and water it uses. For examples, our in-stock water softeners come in a 9x48 32,000 grains (1 cubic foot) or 10x54 48,000 grains (1.5 cubic feet). Other size water softeners can be special ordered.
  • Resin: The type of resin will determine if it is manufactured for chlorinated or non-chlorinated water. 8% Cross-link resin is formulated for cistern/well water that has no chlorine in the water. 10% Cross-link resin is formulated for the city/country water that has chlorine or chloramines in it. If you use 8% Cross-link on chlorinated water, it will ruin the resin within a year and void your warranty.
  • Carbon: Does your water softener contain carbon and if it does, what type of carbon is it, how often and how much is it to replace? Is the carbon mixed with the resin or is the carbon in its own filter housing? The reason you want a whole house carbon block filter is because chlorine dries out skin and hair, colored clothing is able to stay fresh and new, not losing pigment or softness, and it reduces the health risks of breathing in dangerous chlorine gas in showers and during baths. It also removes any odor or smells in the water which are NOT removed by water softeners. 
  • Valve: Is it a timer, digital, or metered? The timer valves is the least expensive option of the valves because it backwashes every 2 to 3 days whether it needs to or not. The digital valve is the more expensive because there are no moving parts. When the digital valve has a problem you just simply replace the mother board, which is very expensive. The metered valve is the most popular because it counts the gallons of water first before backwashing. Also, they are very cost-effective to service when you do have a problem.
  • Warranty: We offer an honest 10-year warranty on everything except for the metered valve. The metered valve comes with a 5-year warranty. The parts would be FREE but the customer would always pay the labor charge to replace or fix the parts. Nobody offers a lifetime warranty including parts and labor or a lifetime warranty on parts only, so don't be sold by the hype. Nothing last forever!
  • Components: Where are the components that make up the water treatment system made? When systems are mass produced you have no idea. Like most things, many manufacturers will assemble their products in the USA but their components are made actually made oversees for two reasons. 1) To keep price down 2) It allows them to sell their products for a higher profit margin. Not only are our water treatment systems assembled in Riverside California but all of our components are made in America/ Canada.   
How do your water softeners compare to your local competitors in Cincinnati?

Being in business since 1988 has allowed many customers to own both our water softeners and that of our competitors. According to our online reviews, customers who have owned both have said the quality is the same except our prices are 50 - 75% less. Why? As a wholesale water treatment company we do not have commissioned sales reps, commissioned installers, national advertising, large retail office space and expensive overhead. Of the 31 different water treatment companies in the Cincinnati market a water softener averages $4,000.00 to as high as $6,000.00 installed and a complete water treatment system which includes a water softener, carbon filter and reverse osmosis system averages $5,500.00 to as high as $8,000.00 installed.

How do your water softeners compare to what you can buy online and install yourself?

Water softeners sold online are meant for one thing only and that’s lowest price. Most people would agree quality control is often sacrificed to meet lowest price. Our prices are already 50 – 75% less than our local competitors comparing apples to apples because of our wholesale pricing. We are not trying to be the Dollar Store of water treatment. The reason we are Cincinnati’s highest rated water treatment company is because of our excellent service after the install. That’s something you will never get from an online purchase.

What makes Ohio Valley Pure Water the best choice for a water softener?

That’s simple! Our Wholesale Pricing, Great Reputation & Impeccable Service – Our wholesale pricing allows our customers to get more bang for the buck. We have the most 5-star reviews on Google, Cincinnati BBB and Angie’s List. That doesn’t happen by chance. We have been in business since 1988 so we know what works and what doesn’t. 0ur employees (which are all family) wear uniforms, clean shaven, clean haircuts, no tattoos or piercings.

What kind of salt should I use in your water softener?

The type of salt you will use will depend on if you will have a reverse osmosis system or not. Most customers do not drink softened water because of the extra sodium intake which can lead to high blood pressure. Most customers drink and cook with reverse osmosis water which removes sodium along with 1,000’s of other contaminants which allows them to use regular water softener salt safely. If you plan on not having a reverse osmosis system installed then you should only buy Potassium Chloride (salt alternative) pellets for water softeners. This will put potassium in water rather than sodium which will prevent anyone from getting high blood pressure from the water softener. The down side is Potassium Chloride pellets cost six times more than regular water softener salt. Regardless Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Walmart, Meir’s and etc. carries both types of salt.

Why don't you sell salt free/no salt water softeners?

Magnetic water conditioning units have been on the market for years and are not a new product. You will not find this kind of product sold by any water treatment dealer in the Cincinnati area. Why? Because your water hardness has to be less than 7 grains hard (moderately hard) to be effective. If you lived down South, then this would be a great idea. Many of our customers have bought a no salt water softener before on-line until they realize it didn’t work. Great idea if you live in the right place.

Where do you install a water softener?

The best location would be by your main shutoff coming into the home. For most families that would be in the basement. That way every faucet in your home will have soft water. Note: the water softener should not be installed in a location where it can freeze. Note: the water softener also comes with a standard by-pass valve when watering the grass.

If I move, can I take it with me?

Yes! We install the water softener in a particular way so that it’s 100% portable if you move. You don’t even need us to move it for you.

Why do you charge a $49.00 estimate fee when your competitors don’t?

Our competitors offer free estimates or free water testing because their sales reps are on commission only which is usually around 25%. With their inflated prices they can afford to offer this. Free water testing is a ploy to get in to your home because everything they test for you can get from your local water department with a simple phone call. We do apply the $49.00 to the purchase price if installed within 30 days.

Who is your manufacturer?

Our manufacturer is Farris Enterprises in Riverside, California. Our water treatment equipment is custom built specifically for Ohio Valley Pure Water. Why, because what works best in other parts of the country doesn’t work best here. Also because our water treatment equipment is not mass produced like our competitors this allows us to have full control of each USA/ Canada made components that make up our water treatment system. Our water treatment systems are built to last for years without all the bells & whistles. Each water treatment system comes with a manufacturer serial number for servicing & warranty purposes.

What’s the best way to prevent leaks?

3 Things:

  1. Water Pressure – Maintaining water pressure around 60psi at all times
  2. Annual Maintenance – not neglecting annual maintenance and not attempting to do it yourself
    • NOTE: Majority of leaks we go on are from customers doing their own service and not doing it correctly or neglecting service all together
  3. Water Alarms – Water alarms don’t prevent leaks but they prevent damage or minimize damage by immediately alerting you when there is a leak. It makes a loud chirping sound when water is detected. A must have for any home.
What is considered standard installation for a water softener?

New construction home with a ½ inch or ¾ inch PEX/ CPVC water line with a water softener rough-in or a new construction home with a ½ inch or ¾ inch PEX/ CPVC water line in the unfinished area of your basement next to your main water shutoff, no more than 25 feet of backwash line and an electrical outlet no more than 5 feet from the water softener.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

The Benefits of Soft Water on Your Skin

The Benefits of Soft Water on Your Hair

What Exactly is Hard Water?

Hard Water Causing Problems? We Offer Home Water Softener Installations in Cincinnati

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Hard water can wreak havoc on your skin, plumbing, appliances, and more. When water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, it becomes hard water. Hard water can create several problems in your house such as clogged pipes, soap not dissolving correctly, and leaving water spots behind. At Ohio Valley Pure Water, we can install a water softener that will remove the minerals that cause the water to be hard. If hard water goes left untreated, it can create a scale buildup within your pipes and water appliances. The buildup can even begin to reduce the efficiency in your water heater causing an increase in energy expenses. 

Signs You Need a Water Softener

There are numerous signs a household needs a water softener installed. At Ohio Valley Pure Water, we’ve outlined the three most common issues our clients have before they have a water softener installed. 

Dry, Itchy Skin 

Typically, hard water can cause the skin to become extra dry and itchy because of the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. What’s happening is that this water isn’t nourishing your skin, it just dries it out. The minerals in the water will just settle on your skin leaving an irritating residue that can’t be washed away with soap. 

Dirty Dishes

Do your dishes have spots on them after they’ve been washed? A sign that you have hard water is that you’ll notice white spots on your glassware and dishes. In addition, the appearance of soap scum in your kitchen and bathroom will also signify that you have hard water. 

Plumbing Problems 

If you’ve noticed you’ve been calling the plumber more than usual; the problem may lie within the water. Hard water can easily damage steel pipes due to the minerals that are found in hard water. If you’ve noticed your pipes are beginning to form leaks, it’s recommended to get your water tested to determine if you need a water softener installed.

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If you’ve been experiencing any of the issues above, then it’s time to say goodbye to itchy skin, spotty dishes, and plumbing problems with a water softener. For more information, call us today at (513) 231-5531.