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Our professionalism and personalized approach are what keep our customers happy!

Looking for amazing service at a very reasonable price? This family owned operation is not only professional and will guide you through everything they are doing, they are friendly and high on integrity. We loved the service they provided, and our family recommends them 100%. Timothy Juliussen
Ohio Valley Pure Water is always a pleasure to work with. They are quick to respond and very polite. When I schedule an appointment they are always flexible and work with my schedule. And I always appreciate them reaching out to me when it's time for my yearly maintenance. I would highly recommend. Anna Pace
I’ve had this water system for 10 years and I’ve been completely satisfied with the services. The professionalism is always top notch. It’s funny now we will not drink any other water unless it’s reverse osmosis. If you haven’t give this company a try you will not be disappointed. Jon Bonner
We so enjoy the fresh water that is through our filter. We have had this service for over 8 years! They are professional and knowledgeable. We love the added health benefit of this water and it just plain tastes better!! Plus it saves from buying water bottles! The system pays for itself. Diana Sauter
We have been with OVPW for over 4 years. Their service is great and the water softener unit is one of the best values out there. Yearly maintenance allows us to keep the unit running in optimal condition. Sunny Pahouja
This is a family-owned business and I have had nothing but great customer service from them! Two years ago, I started looking into a water softener but no response from several big name companies. I decided to try OVWS, and immediately received a call from Mike the owner. He visited me personally and explained everything in detail. Our water has never been better, I never need to do anything to the system but add salt, and the service from this group whether by email, phone, or text is top notch. I have recommended them to several others in our complex. Tammy Rellar
I had a great experience with this company. Both the person on the phone that handled the scheduling, and the person that came out to service our reverse osmosis system were very friendly, respectful, and knowledgeable. We will definitely use them again in the future. Libby O'Brien Schubert
Mike and his crew do a great job! Not only do they offer a solid product at a great price, they are a family business and they take care of their customers, the way a good business should. Excellent company! Travis Yeager
Great company to do business with. I have been a customer for eighteen years. Nothing but positive things to say about OVPW, it’s people and owner. I am impressed by how timely the service department responds when I have any questions or concerns. I am very pleased and plan to be a customer for many more years. I wish other companies could copy their model. Wardell Jones
This is a great family owned business that has always taken care of us for 9 years. We have been nothing but satisfied with the product and the service we receive every year. Their employees are always kind and respectful in our home. So if you are looking for a great water system for your home Ohio valley pure water system is the place! Victoria Price
Our family loves having the convenience of pure filtered water right on tap in your home. The water tastes great. We have been a customer for 10 years and have always had such wonderful customer service from this family owned business.Diane Re
My husband and I have been with the company for 15 years and are well pleased. The water is so nice, we have rain water and it filters out all of the dirt and grime… also all of the odors. we would recommend this company to anyone. Janet Powers
This company is excellent! We've had our system for several years now and it works like a charm. All workmen are polite, knowledgeable and ensure they leave your home clean. I can't recommend them highly enough. Marcia Marsh
I have had a OVPW water softener for 6 months now. It’s been great! Today I had an issue with the tank and Mike came out right away to take a look! That's what I call customer service! Everything is working fine! The machine just needed to be reset after a power outage. Thanks Mike! Matthew Williams
We have had Ohio Valley Pure Water for the past 14 years. This family owned and operated business has been providing us with the best tasting and healthy water from the Reverse Osmosis System. Our ice and coffee tastes so much better now with this system. Their Installers are friendly, efficient, prompt and courteous when installing and changing the filters for us. Their prices are very competitive and affordable. We are very happy that we have had this for so many years and will continue to use them in the future. Marlene Oates
I have been using Ohio Valley Pure Water to service my filtration system for four years. The company is well run and responsive. They do my yearly filter change and maintain my water spigots. It’s great to work with a company that does exactly what they say. There are no smoke and mirrors about the filtration--just clear answers and good service. Andrea Beck