Are you Drinking Enough Water this Summer?

Summer is a great time to get out of the house and have some fun in the sun. The season is here for beach volleyball, swimming at the pool or the lake, or hitting the trails for a hike. Make sure you drink enough water to keep up with the extra heat the summer sun brings, especially when you are active. Check out our tips below for having enough, but not too much, water this summer.

Drinking the Right Amount of Water

Everyone knows you need to drink loads of water a day to be healthy. Although everyone seems to have their own idea on how much water per day is the best to stay healthy, most doctors can agree on the 8 by 8 rule, eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day (about two liters). But those numbers change in the hot summer heat with the summer sun beating down.

During the summer, you should drink between two to four liters of water per day - the higher the temperature, the closer to four liters you should try to be. These numbers are for relatively active adults. Make sure to drink more water if you regularly exercise to help keep your muscles hydrated and healthy.

How Much is too Much?

Watch out - you don’t want to guzzle too much water. Especially if you do intense workouts in the summer heat, you can overdo your water intake.  When you sweat, you lose electrolytes that are important to your body’s ability to function. Having the water without the electrolytes puts you in danger of harming your brain in a condition called hyponatremia.

Drinking Water, and Eating it too

To avoid hyponatremia, try eating your water. Eating fruits and vegetables can help you get the water and electrolytes you need. Watermelon is a great summer fruit to help you hydrate. As for veggies, try eating broccoli, celery, cucumbers, and spinach. For bonus points, add these veggies to a soup to stay hydrated.

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