The Health Benefits of Soft Water

Water hardness is determined by the presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Those minerals can make water more difficult to use for things like cleaning, so many people prefer to use water softeners if they don't live in an area with naturally soft water. Using sodium along with ion exchange, the minerals can be removed, making hard water into soft water. In addition to being easier to use, there are several health benefits of soft water.

Less Potentially Harmful Minerals

While calcium and magnesium can be great for the body, too much of anything can be bad. When hard water moves through the pipes, over time they will begin to corrode significantly. Consider how that same water will impact the inner workings of the human body over time. Basically, if you drink a large amount of hard water on a regular basis, you may be getting entirely too much of a normally good thing. 

Healthier Hair Benefits

To maintain truly healthy hair, soft water is usually the best choice. Anyone who is dealing with damaged hair, chronically frizzed-out hair, or coarse hair will benefit from the use of soft water for shampooing. The soft water can bring new smoothness and manageability to formerly impossible hair. In contrast, hard water minerals can collect on the hair, weighing it down and making most hair issues even worse. 

More Sodium in the Diet

Since sodium is used in the removal of the hard water minerals, people who drink sodium water get more salt than they would with hard water. Although people who already have high sodium levels need to use purified water with the sodium removed, people who need extra sodium can get it painlessly and easily through soft water. 

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