Water Filtration vs. Reverse Osmosis: The Difference

Reverse Osmosis & Water Filtration in Cincinnati, OH - iStock-1366455224When you turn on the faucet to wash your face or run the washing machine to do laundry, have you ever stopped to consider what’s actually going on in your pipes? One thing’s for certain, not all water is created equal. 

For residents of Cincinnati, OH, debris, and contaminants in your water can jeopardize your overall health and cleanliness. Thankfully, Ohio Valley Pure Water is here to help with water purification treatment systems. Let’s take a closer look at how water filtration and reverse osmosis can keep your water clean for years to come.

Water Filtration in Cincinnati, OH

The state of Ohio gets its water from two primary sources—surface water and groundwater. With an abundance of people and commercial businesses, Ohio’s water is exposed to industrial waste and agricultural runoff. With so many contaminants in our local water supplies, homeowners and business owners throughout Cincinnati can benefit from taking matters into their own hands. 

In order to resolve these water quality concerns, water filtration systems such as whole-house water filters and reverse osmosis are installed. Water filtration is the process of removing or reducing the concentration of bacteria, algae, fungi, and other undesirable contaminants from your water. 

At Ohio Valley Pure Water, we supply Ohio residents with two different options for keeping their water clean and healthy—whole-house water filters and reverse osmosis systems. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these water purification systems works and determine which is best for your home.

How Do Whole House Water Filters Work?

If you’re tired of dry, itchy skin and hair, and smelling chlorine gas coming from your showerhead, a whole-house water filtration system might be exactly what you need. As the most common and cost-effective method for filtering clean water, whole-house systems can remove sediment, dirt, rust particles, hydrogen sulfide, and other contaminants responsible for odors and discoloration in residential water supplies. These systems cannot, however, remove hard water. You’ll need to install a water softener to do that.  

At Ohio Valley Pure Water, we offer three different types of Pentek Whole House Water Filtration Systems. Two of these models are rated to hold 40,000 gallons of water at 0.5 ppm of chlorine or less, while the third model holds 80,000 gallons of water at 0.5 ppm of chlorine or less. Based on the number of people in your household and the demands on your water use, our professionals can explain which system best suits your needs.

When your filtration system is installed, water will first go through a pre-filter that removes dirt and debris. Once this process is complete, the water will travel through a carbon filter designed to remove chlorine, lead, and undesirable smells. Finally, the water will travel through the pipes and out of the respective faucet. 

The Benefits of Whole-House Water Filtration

The main and most important benefit of a whole-house water filtration system is that you’ll receive clean water to bathe, shower, do laundry, and clean with. Additional benefits include:

  • Extends the life of water-using appliances
  • Healthier showers and baths

Reverse Osmosis in Cincinnati, OH

Osmosis is a natural process used by plants, animals, and humans to get the nutrients and hydration we need. Reverse osmosis is simply that—the same process, only in the opposite direction. To understand how either works, let’s take a look at natural osmosis first.

We already know that plants draw what they need to live and thrive from roots in the soil. But many of us may not know exactly how. Nutrients and moisture from the soil are extracted through the cell walls of roots. During this process, the density of fluid on either side of the cell wall equalizes, allowing plants to take in nutrients and water while rejecting less necessary particles.

In reverse osmosis, the water pressure from your municipal plumbing forces water through a membrane (much like a root’s cell wall). This membrane is so fine that individual water molecules dissolve through it while the membrane captures harmful particles and other contaminants, leading to pure water on the other end. 


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The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Feel better about the water you and your family are drinking every day with reverse osmosis. In addition to this purification system being able to remove cancer-causing contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and infectious microorganisms from your water, it can also: 

  • Limit the number of contaminants
  • Eliminate sodium
  • Save you money on bottled water

Reverse Osmosis Systems at Ohio Valley Pure Water

At Ohio Valley Pure Water, we offer Cincinnati, OH, residents 6-stage alkaline reverse osmosis drinking water systems starting at just $849. Our water treatment equipment is manufactured specifically for us because what works in other parts of the country doesn’t work best for the water supply in Ohio. Additionally, each of our reverse osmosis systems comes with a manufacturer serial number for prompt and efficient servicing and for warranty purposes. 

When you order a reverse osmosis system, our professionals will install your new purification system, walk you through maintenance and operational care, and remain available if you have additional questions. Don’t forget to take advantage of our manufacturer's special limited-edition offer—a free in-stock designer reverse osmosis faucet with the purchase of a reverse osmosis system. 

Call us at (513) 647-4038 today to schedule your installation!

Experience Pure, Clean Water All the Time With OVPW

The next time you take a drink, fill the dog bowl, or run the shower, be confident in the H2O that you’re using. By installing a whole-house water filtration system or reverse osmosis, you can rest easy knowing the water you’re consuming is healthy, safe, and fresh tasting. The team at Ohio Valley Pure Water beats all local competitors on whole-home and under-sink water filtration systems—meaning you’re getting water protection at an affordable price.

If you’re ready to take control of the water in your home and protect your well-being, OVPW is here to help. Our professionals treat each customer like family and provide honest advice about water quality issues. We’ll arrive on time to install your new water filters and will continuously check in to ensure your system is working its best. Contact us today to learn more about our water filtration products and request FREE installation.

The Highest-Rated Water Treatment Company in Cincinnati, OH

OVPW is a family-owned and operated water treatment company proudly serving Cincinnati, OH, and the surrounding areas. In our 30 years of experience, we have seen everything from extremely hard water to overly contaminated water. We’re here for you and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service. Call us at (513) 647-4038 today to discuss your water purification needs.

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