Water Softeners: Your Top Questions, Answered

A water softener is open displaying the ionized resin that pulls minerals out of hard water.You shouldn’t have to hurt after drinking water.

Many people don’t like the water that comes out of their tap. Whether that means drinking water from their kitchen faucet, the water in the shower, or the water that should be cleaning dishes in the dishwasher, some areas have a problem with hard water. Hard water can lead to itchy skin, stains on dishes, issues with your plumbing, and more. 

As a supplier and installer of water softeners, we at Ohio Valley Pure Water get many questions from our community and our customers about water softeners. Let’s go over some of the most common questions people have about home water softeners.

Why is Water Softening Good for Your Water?

Hard water is safe to drink, although some people don’t prefer to drink it. As your system uses hard water, you will start to have more issues with your plumbing system. The mineral deposits in hard water will buildup and corrode your faucets and appliances. More buildup means more clogs. Hard water can also leave traces of lime on your clothes or dishes when you wash them.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

The water softener system has resin beads inside that do the heavy lifting. These beads contain ions that have a charge completely opposing that of the charge in the minerals found in hard water. The difference in charges draws the minerals out of the water. The higher quality the water softening system, the less maintenance it needs and the more money your family will save on energy bills.

How Much Water Does Your Water Softener Need to Regenerate?

A standard amount in a softener is about the amount of water it takes to run a load of laundry. Choosing the right water and grain capacity for your system will help it to run efficiently.

Why are Water Softeners Good for Your Skin?

Many of the minerals in hard water absorb your skin’s natural oils. This absorption begins to break through your skin’s natural defenses. The more you use hard water, the dryer your skin will remain and the more problems you will end up having. Hard water can also plug up your pores and leave a film over your hair and skin. 

Is My Home Ready for a Water Softener?

All this info about water softeners may sound great to you. Is your home ready? Do you have a place for your water softener? Is that space near your water main? Do you have an electrical outlet ready to devote to the water softener? How about a drain - is one nearby?

Get Your Quality Water Softener Today

Water softeners can make a noticeable difference in you and your family’s lives. The sooner you have your system installed, the more quickly you can enjoy its benefits. Ohio Valley Pure Water has installed and maintained water softeners and reverse osmosis water filtration systems since 1988. Get in touch with us today to chat through your options. 

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