Why Filling Water at Home Is Better Than Buying Single-Use Water Bottles (Especially Now)

A woman has her thumb down while holding a water bottle. It seems to be common for people to buy plastic water bottles in singles and bulk packs. Drinking water from a plastic water bottle is common that many people use this as their first choice over water from the tap. Plastic water bottles cause environmental issues globally, health issues for your family, and financial issues individually.

Let’s go through the reasons why getting your drinking water at home is better than plastic water bottles, especially now. 

1. Plastic Water Bottles Cause You Harm

The chemical polyethylene terephthalate (PET) found in plastic bottles is regarded as safe for human use, but is also porous. So, this material can leak chemicals into the water you drink. The bottles with the biggest risk are the older ones and those that have been heated. Re-use, in this case, is worse than single-use. Bisphenol A (BPA) is another chemical found in plastic bottles linked with breast and prostate cancer as well as diabetes. 

2. Plastic Water Bottles are Expensive

Do you like throwing money away?

Neither do we. Tap water typically is less expensive than $0.01 per gallon. On the other hand, a water bottle can end up costing $2 or more. Even at the rate of $1 per 16-ounce bottle, that would be $8 per gallon. Filtered water at home is much more affordable than single bottle purchases. Over time, your home water filtration system will end up paying for itself in the money it saves you on water bottles. 

3. The Taste isn’t Better, Nor is it Safer

Bottled water gets regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and its Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is much more strict in its regulation of tap water. The water you drink from home goes through more intense screening, so it is much safer for you. 

4. Plastic Water Bottles Harm the Environment

Plastic water bottles contribute to pollution on a global scale. Even with more recycling, water bottles end up in the streets, in waterways, and into the food supply of animals. We already need to find better ways of handling the plastic bottles already out there. The best way to slow this problem is not buying more plastic bottles.

5. Purchase Less During Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic is still in its first stage. New cases occur daily as do deaths resulting from the disease. Avoiding social contact is important for reducing the risk of infection. The less you need to go out and make purchases, the lower your risk will be. If you get your water from home, you will need to go out less and thus lower your risk. Especially if you buy single plastic water bottles on a daily or regular basis, make a change will support you and your family’s health.

Water Filtration Systems from Your Trusted Neighbor

Kicking the plastic water bottle habit can help you save money, stay healthy, and protect the environment. Getting clean, cheap, and filtered water from your tap is possible with a whole home water filtration system from Ohio Valley Pure Water. We have helped our community purify their home water for more than 30 years.

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